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Block Polyurethane

Vitafoam's Block Plant being the largest producer of square and round block Polyurethane in Europe has a unique range of grades suitable for all market applications.

Reflex - Melamine/Filler Free for ultimate luxury and comfort in furniture and bedding.
- Combustion Modified High Resilient.
- Combustion Modified Ether.
Standard - Non Flame Retardant.
Vasco - Slow Recovery Foam

The vast range of foams manufactured are closely monitored through each stage of production from raw material intake to final distribution of finished block.

Densities range from as low as 12Kgs to 65Kgs with hardness spread from
20 Newtons to 295 Newtons, satisfying applications as diverse as upholstered furniture, beds, pillows, medical mattresses, wheelchairs seating, vehicular seating, through to acoustic insulation, seals, gaskets and pipe lagging. All of these and more can benefit from Polyurethane.

Vasco - A range of revolutionary slow recovery visco elastic polymers designed to provide support and protection whenever it is needed.





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